Their actions tell you in crystal clear terms how they really feel about you

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Photo by elCarito on Unsplash

It has been known now for some time that cats have deep emotional lives and are capable of great love and affection for their humans.

We frequently read about it in news stories, the most recent of which is the Malaysian cat Nana who still visits her human’s grave every day since he passed on 2 years ago.

Love is always best shown through actions, not words, and it is in these 8 ways that your cats show you they love you.

When you love someone, you want to spend most of your time with them.

For cats, it’s the real deal. …

Personal Essay

The Making of a Horror Writer

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Photo by MGM/United Artists via We Minored in Film

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been a child of horror.

Every night, after my mother read to me and tucked me in, I kept my hands and feet safely under my blanket to make sure the monsters under my bed didn’t eat them. Even at that young age, I knew our limbs didn’t regenerate.

This was the 70s, when horror blew our minds with films like The Amityville Horror and Dawn of the Dead. …


A haibun

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Photo by E T T T O on Unsplash

It was sheer luck that you took flight 250 and I, flight 851. How grateful I am that we made up before we parted, as I now sob uncontrollably, watching your plane engines sputter and fail, free-falling.

the age-old battle
between force and gravity
the gravity of loss

~Winner, WonderFold Writing Contest, February 2018


Christina Sng

Poet, artist, essayist, animal activist, mama | Author of Bram Stoker Award winner A Collection of Nightmares |

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